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Freedom Index Ranks New York State Last – Where Does Your State Rank?

Freedom is a relative concept. Compared to other states in the U.S., how does your state rank in terms of these 40 aspects of freedom?

William P. Ruger and Jason Sorens ( of George Mason’s Mercatus Center have produced a chart that ranks states on different measures of freedom.

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Check out 40 different state rankings on various aspects of freedom, from property rights to finding a job to throwing a bachelor party. With a full 10 years of data available, you can drill into a particular state to see how the ranking has changed over the last decade.

Freedom in the 50 States 2013 – A Race Among the States A 1:43 video take on the survey results.

What the Freedom Index Considers and Why

1. Overall – Best: North Dakota; Worst: New York  (see 1:23 video here)

On the overall freedom ranking, North Dakota comes in first followed by South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma.  At the bottom of the ranking, New York ranks worst by a significant margin, with rent control and burdensome insurance regulations dragging down its regulatory freedom score. New York is behind California at 49th, then New Jersey, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.

2. Economic – Best: South Dakota; Worst: New York (see 1:23 video here)

3. Fiscal – Best: South Dakota; Worst: New York

4. Personal – Best: Alaska; Worst: Illinois

5. Regulatory – Best: Indiana; Worst: California (see 1: 25 video here)

6. Liability System – Best: Delaware; Worst: West Virginia

7. Property Rights – Best: Kansas; Worst: New Jersey

8. Tax Burden – Best: South Dakota; Worst: New York

9. Bachelor Party – Best: Massachusetts; Worst: South Dakota (see 1:23 video here)

10. Health Insurance – Best: Hawaii; Worst: New York

11. Find a Job – Best: Kansas; Worst: California

12. Education

13. Occupational Licensing

14. Victimless Crimes

15. Labor Market

16. Marriage

17. Homeschool

18. Alcohol

19. Asset Forfeiture

20. Right to Work

21. Gambling

22. Tobacco

23. Gun Control

24. Marijuana

25. Fireworks

26. Cable & Telecom

27. Misc. Regulations

29. Eminent Domain

30. Civil Liberties 

31. Travel

32. Alcohol Taxes

33. Nanny Laws

34. Food

35. Rent Control

36. Kegs

37. Happy Hour

38. Drug Enforcement

39. Campaign Finance

40. Seat Belts

Video on Alabama

Video on Alaska

Video on Arizona

Video on Arkansas

Video on Colorado

Video on Connecticut

Video on Delaware

Video on Florida

Video on Georgia

Video on Hawaii

Video on Idaho

Video on Illinois

Video on Indiana

Video on Iowa

Video on Kansas

Video on Kentucky

Video on Loiusiana

Video on Maine

Video on Maryland

Video on Massachussetts

Video on Michigan

Video on Minnesota

Video on Mississippi

Video on Missouri

Video on Montana

Video on Nebraska

Video on Nevada

Video on New Hampshire

Video on New Jersey

Video on New Mexico

Video on North Carolina

Video on North Dakota

Video on Ohio

Video on Oklahoma

Video on Oregon

Video on Pennsylvania

Video on Rhode Island

Video on South Carolina

Video on Tennessee

Video on Texas

Video on Utah

Video on Vermont

Video on Virginia

Video on Washington

Video on West Virginia

Video on Wisconsin

Video on Wyoming

Freedom in the 50 States is also available in a print edition. Sporting a fresh design and accompanied by complementary demographic and economic data, Freedom in the 50 States is a must-have desk reference for anyone invested in state policy and in advancing a better understanding of a free society. You can download the pdf or view it below. You can also download copies of the executive summaries of the 2013, 2011, and 2009 studies.

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