Saturday , 15 June 2024

Financial Article Summaries of Last Week's 5 Most Popular

We all live extremely busy lives and often fail to keep up with the most informative articles posted on the internet. The editor of searches the internet for such articles and posts the best in an edited and abridged format daily for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read. Below are links, with introductory paragraphs, to the 5 most popular for this past week in descending order. You’re busy so save time by just reading those that interest you most and Sign-up for Automatic Receipt of Articles as they get posted on – Your Key to Making Money! Words: 1150

Here are the 5 most read articles:

1. James Turk: Here’s the Real Reason the Gov’t Confiscated Gold in 1933


FDR confiscated American’s gold for the same reason Lenin confiscated it in Russia and Hitler confiscated it in Germany, namely, to get it out of the hands of the people. [That view is contrary to the prevailing belief that such was done] to re-establish confidence in the dollar. [Let me explain the background of this confiscation and my rationale for coming to such a conclusion.] Words: 815

2. Alf Field: As Predicted Gold Has Retested $1,685! Could Drop to $1,650 Before Continuing Move to $4,500


In spite of what happened to gold on 29 February 2012, when it dropped from $1792 to a low of $1686, it is still tracking well in line with Elliott Wave expectations. [That being said] a rally, followed by a further decline to test the $1685 area, is a more likely outcome [before going onwards and upwards. Let me explain.] Words: 628

3. Gold vs. Silver: Which is the Best Investment?


Is there a case for holding both gold and silver? Despite the intuitive case, the empirical evidence since SLV’s inception suggests investors may not be sufficiently compensated for pairing silver with gold. [I came to that conclusion by back-testing the performance of each using a variety of analytical approaches. Read on.] Words: 645

4. Dr. Nu Yu: Further Drops in Gold, Silver & Stock Markets Look Likely – Here’s Why


The price trends for gold, silver, the USD and the broad stock market continue to unfold within pre-determined patterns. Presently all indications are that gold and silver could go much lower than currently, the broad stock market should weaken 3-5% over the next few weeks exhibiting higher instability in the process, the USD Index should strengthen somewhat and the 30-Year US Treasury Bond index is expected to remain in its horizontal channel pattern (trading range). Let me show you these progressions in a number of diagrams based on well founded technical analysis of the various situations. Words: 770

5. For Mathematicians Only: A Precise Gold Price Prediction Formula


I have developed a formula that has predicted gold price precisely over the last 12 years. if it continues in a similar fashion for the next few years we should see gold at $4,875 a troy ounce in 2015. Words: 438