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GOLDUSA Security Tokens: the Latest In Disruptive Capital-Raising Technology (+3K Views)

The mega trend in crypto is the emergence of tangible asset-backed Security Tokens. Tokenization of tangible assets, like gold and silver, will eat the world. Blockchain deployed security tokens are the future of digital finance and the future of global capital markets.  

This article is your opportunity to learn more about a revolutionary asset-backed security token offered by Canamex Gold Corp. that is backed by physical gold metal royalty streams.

On July 20th the editor of this site, Lorimer Wilson, had the privilege of hearing the David Vincent Presentation to the Richmond Club Lunch, Toronto, Ontario (Video length: 25:41) on his company’s introduction of the second generation of cryptocurrencies – asset backed security tokens – in addition to the development of its mining operations (see here and here for mining information). Below are edited and abridged excerpts from his presentation.
What is Canamex Gold Corp. (CSE:CSQ)?
  1. is the first publicly traded company to introduce the latest in disruptive capital-raising technology (potentially without equity dilution)
  2. is registered in British Columbia, Canada, trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). 
  3. its GOLDUSA security tokens are backed by physical gold metal royalty streams,
  4. is listed on the currently trading a C$0.11 (go here for the latest price quotes),
  5. is active in promoting its innovative financing model for mining companies at various stages of development and delivering profits & value appreciation to its investors,
  6. is engaged in fast-tracking toward development of the Bruner Gold Development Project in the prolific gold jurisdiction of Nye County, Nevada and, finally,
  7. has signed Agreements with Harmonychain AS, for
    • Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract Security Tokens for Gold and Silver, as an alternative means of raising capital, potentially without equity dilution.
    • The Agreements secure the exclusive rights to various Ethereum Token domain names, ticker codes, and associated smart contracts, for Gold and Silver.
    • The rights also extend to patents pending and trademarks associated with these security token financing models, including ChainDelivery™ royalty stream delivery queuing systems.

What Is the Future of Security Tokens – and GOLDUSA Tokens In Particular?

The Security Token Market will dominate the blockchain universe within a very few years.

  • In 2017, Security Tokens made up $100 million (roughly 1%) of the cryptocurrency market cap while Utility Tokens made up $7 Billion.
  • By the end of 2018 it is estimated that the value of Security Tokens will rise to $2 Trillion and that it will go absolutely parabolic in 2019 reaching a projected $20 Trillion by the end of 2020.
  • Canamex Gold Corp. has seen the significant scaling potential for its innovative crypto-token royalty streaming models and now expects its GOLDUSA Security Token business to grow into a $1 Billion portfolio by 2020.

How Do Security Tokens Compare With Stocks?

Crypto-tokens will revolutionize and, in the process, disrupt capital market due to the extensive program mobility of tokens. For example:

  • stocks are just paper or electronic representations of ownership in an asset. In either form they sit locked away in a safe or database with no functionality.
  • Security Tokens, on the other hand:
    • can utilize smart contracts to automatically engage in a variety of functions: You can:
      • can give you access to 24/7 markets
      • have lower transaction fees and
      • can provide greater liquidity as you are able to access and trade across global market
      • and on the enterprise side, corporate office jobs will be downsized as there is no need to employ people for this function when it can be embedded into the token.

What Are the Main Uses for Security Tokens?

  1. Real estate: A unit of real estate can be tokenized and distributed as an investment, similar to REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).
  2. Financial Instruments & Investments: Companies can tokenize and issue stocks and bonds in return for ownership and/or a return on assets.
  3. Venture Capital: LP shares can be tokenized and distributed to investors.
  4. Commodities: Tokening assets like gold & silver for investors are backed by physical gold.
How Does the GOLDUSA Security Token Differ From Older Generation Cryptocurrency?
  • 1st generation Security Tokens,like Bitcoin, are not asset backed and, as such, are very volatile and can fall 99% in value.
  • However, in contrast, Canamex Gold Corp.’s GOLDUSA Security Tokens are backed by gold assets which means the value of the GOLDUSA Token should never fall below the value of the spot price of gold and will, more likely, trade at a premium.
  • GOLDUSA Security Token’s financing model inspires confidence and transparency as the Tokens will be backed by gold purchased from publicly listed mining companies in politically & economically stable countries, like Canada and the U.S., for example.

 How Can GOLDUSA Token-holders Use Their Tokens?

  1. The Tokens can be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain and can be loaded on security exchanges which accept ERC20 security tokens.
  2. Each of the 2000 Tokens that have been offered in the initial Subscription Offer back in May, 2018, can be redeemed for 1 (one) gold 10-ounce [troy] bar having a fineness of 99.99% which are London Bullion Marking Association (LBMA) good delivery certified.
  3. You can do either of the above, or you can hold the GOLDUSA token as a Security Token .


…The deep pockets in capital markets will soon be with us my fellow crypto enthusiasts and GOLDUSA Tokens are your opportunity to be part of the “Gold Standard” in the new wave of gold-asset-backed security token offerings. Go here for the latest stock price or here if you wish more information on subscribing to their STO (Security Token Offering).

Press Release

LITHIA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2018 / American International Ventures, Inc., (OTC PINK: AIVN) entered into an agreement with Canamex Gold Corp., for the purchase of the 1.5% Net Smelter Royalty held by AIVN on the Bruner Gold Development Project, in Nevada USA.

Robert G. Polce, CEO of American International Ventures, Inc., stated:

  • “Canamex is purchasing the Net Smelter Royalty held by AIVN on the Bruner Gold Project for $450,000 USD.
  • AIVN has agreed to be paid by Canamex issuing to AIVN 112,500 GOLDUSA SECURITY TOKENS (Ethereum Crypto Token ER20) at a price of $4.00 per SECURITY TOKEN (200 GOLDUSA TOKENS equal 1oz of .9999 Gold) as full consideration for an early buyback.
  • The GOLDUSA SECURITY TOKENS issued to AIVN will be subject to a 4-month 1-day escrow period in accordance with National Instrument 45-102.
  • This is the first time in history that a token has been backed by the future delivery of physical GOLD, as opposed to other tokens which are historically hypothecated on abstract commodity values and/or concept value. We believe that Tangible Asset Backed Security Tokens are the future of precious metals mining finance.”