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Diamonds: The Best Stock to Take Advantage of Coming MUCH Higher Prices Is… (+2K Views)

Everyone is talking about gold and silver these days, but nobody talks about diamonds. Let’s have a little peek inside this sector [and how to take full advantage of expected developments.] Words: 437

So says Katchum ( in edited excerpts from his latest post*.

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Katchum goes on to say, in part:

Diamond Demand

The diamond market is to be found in the developed world as Asian/emerging markets only have a 10%-30% stake in this market (Figure 2). This means that demand is going to keep growing in countries like China and India, while we won’t have any new and significant discoveries. In fact, we haven’t had any Tier 1 discoveries in over 17 years now. Tier 1 discoveries are very large and very high grade discoveries by the way.

Supply & Demand Gap

As a result, we will get a huge supply and demand gap in the near future, starting from 2015.

Higher Prices Expected

This supply-demand gap will spark diamond prices and we can already see a recovery in diamond prices in the chart below. Consulting firms forecast a 3% to 10% price growth per annum in rough diamonds for the coming years due to China and India.

Best Investment Opportunity – Olivut Resources (OLV)

So how do we play the positive fundamentals in the diamond market? We go after the biggest resource in the world and that can be found in Olivut Resources.

In a recent interview with Pierre Lassonde, who owns 18% of Olivut Resources (OLV), we were reminded of the recent developments at Olivut Resources. Olivut Resources is a development stage exploration company which primarily holds a 100% share in the HOAM project in Canada, which is a huge kimberlite deposit. The value of this deposit could control the top end of the diamond market. Pierre Lassonde talks about a possible 100 times increase in the share price because the site could contain an in situ value of $20 billion and a net present value of $2 billion. The market capitalization of the company is currently just $36 million.

Based on extremely positive indicator mineral chemistry, geophysics and drill results to date, management believes that there is a high probability that economic kimberlite pipes remain to be discovered in the project area. Drilling (10-hole drilling program) has…concluded for the year…with results known by the end of 2012. Investors can speculate on these pending results at a bottoming price level as seen in the chart below.

…What’s very positive is that Olivut tends to follow the diamond price. I say positive because the diamond price has been in an uptrend in the last few months  so Olivut Resources should trend up as well. Olivut Resources had $2.7 million in working capital as of 31 January 2012 and has invested $4 million to date in the HOAM project….


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