Sunday , 3 December 2023

Coming Soon: An AI Shirt Pin With All the Capabilities Of An iPhone

In many ways, AI parallels the internet. The two are both productivity game-changers. Like the internet, AI will allow us to do things faster, better, and cheaper. Over the next 20 years, AI will unequivocally change society, just like the internet has over the past 20 years. 

Luke Lango*, editor of hypergrowthinvesting has written an informative article entitled The ‘iPhone For AI’: Betting Big On Artificial Intelligence that the editor of has severely edited below for the sake of clarity and brevity to provide a faster and easier read.

“The internet didn’t go mainstream and truly change the world until the iPhone launched and, similarly, AI won’t go mainstream and truly change the world until it has its own “iPhone moment” and we think that moment is coming very soon. OpenAI is working to develop the ‘iPhone for AI’ and it’s creating a global tech “super team” to build this AI iPhone: Jony Ive, the lead designer of the original iPhone, is providing the design expertise;  Softbank CEO Masa Son, the world’s largest tech investor, is providing a whopping $1 billion in funding and OpenAI is providing its AI technology. This is a tech super team embarking on a tech super project and the result will change the world. Thanks to the work of this super team, we’ll soon have a device that will put the power of AI in everyone’s hands, just as the iPhone did for the internet 15 years ago.

OpenAI’s biggest investor is tech titan Microsoft (MSFT) and both Microsoft and OpenAI are huge investors in another AI startup, Humane, and for years, the startup has been working to develop the next evolution of the iPhone. Recently, Humane unveiled the culmination of its work: a wearable device with all the capabilities of an iPhone compacted into a shirt pin. There’s no screen, no keyboard, no headset or goggles, it’s just a pin, and it uses cameras, sensors, projectors, and a microphone to interact with its wearer and their surroundings. Details on this AI pin remain scant but in Humane’s recent presentation, one of the firm’s founders used the pin to take a call, translate English to French, ask about the health specifications of a candy bar, and summarize the daily news. A full unveiling of the Humane AI Pin is expected in a month. Rumor has it that the company will also start selling the pin in November, too.


We’re confident that AI will change the world even more than the internet did and the pace of that change will skyrocket once OpenAI, Jony Ive, and Masa unveil the “iPhone for AI.” To prepare for that pivotal moment, do everything you can to invest in the AI Boom before that vision becomes a reality.”

*About LUKE LANGO: Luke first made a name for himself back in 2020, when he was ranked the #1 stock picker out of 15,000 analysts according to TipRanks. But he didn’t stop there. Over the past few years alone, he’s recommended nearly 200 stocks that have doubled – and over a dozen stocks that have gone up 10 times, 30 times, even 80 times!


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