Sunday , 2 April 2023

China’s Staggering Demand for Commodities (+2K Views)

It’s said that in China, a new skyscraper is built every five days. China is building often, and they are building higher. In fact, just last year, China completed 77 of the world’s 144 new supertall buildings, spread through 36 different Chinese cities. These are structures with a minimum height of 656 feet (200 meters). For comparison’s sake, there are only 113 buildings in New York City’s current skyline that are over 600 feet.

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It’s always hard to put China’s size and scope in perspective so today’s chart shows the percentage of raw material demand that is needed to make all its growth possible.

[In fact, of the 12 commodity categories highlighted above]…China’s demand for the following 5 categories equal or exceed that of the rest of the world combined!

Cement: 59%
The primary ingredient in concrete is needed for roads, buildings, engineering structures (bridges, dams, etc.), foundations, and in making joints for drains and pipes.

Nickel: 57%
Nickel’s primary use is in making stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant. It also gets used in superalloys, batteries, and an array of other uses.

Steel: 50%
Steel is used for pretty much everything, but demand is primarily driven by the construction, machinery, and automotive sectors.

Copper: 50%
Copper is one of the metals driving the green revolution, and it’s used in electronics, wiring, construction, machinery, and automotive sectors, primarily.

Coal: 50%
China’s winding down coal usage – but when you have 1.4 billion people demanding power, it has to be done with that in mind. China has already hit peak coal, but the fossil fuel does still account for 65% of the country’s power generated by source.

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  1. How can China manipulate its own currency, RMB , when it is fixed/locked to the US dollar which it self is a FAKE currency. ?

    All paper currencies stand on “TRUST” that it will keep its purchasing power tomorrow, next year ect. and with the US, and EU and Japan etc. deficits running into the trillions + interest, it is absolutely Impossible to preserve paper value against anything tangible, clean water, oil, gold or real estate.
    A good example to all those who deny that Gold and silver is Manipulated, is what happened after the 1946 to 1971 fixed gold price at 35 us$, and then Nixon “I am not a crook” blaming the “speculators” for speculating against the dollar by purchasing gold on sale at 35 $, when all else had risen including oil and wages.
    So your a speculator, if you want to preserve your savings, even after paying taxes and don’t trust the pyramid of paper money.

    The trade war will send the dollar down over the long term, so get out of dodge while you can.

    Notice that Zimbabwe is now reversing and letting the the farmers back to save the farms, so the Zimba dollar could return to former value, but I am guessing that they have canceled the old note IE trillion dollar Znotes.

    Show me a paper currency that has held value against gold or silver in 1 generation = 30-40 years and I will show you hundreds that are truelly shit paper at best.

  2. Can’t wait to witness China’s crash and burn as happened to Japan in the 1980s.
    Everyone has been predicting it but when you’re a communist nation and can manipulate your currency then China can postpone their reality check indefinitely.

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