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China's Doubling of the Yuan's Trading Band Seen As Very Significant – Here's Why

The Chinese central bank’s doubling of the trading band on the Yuan/U.S.$ exchange rate to 1.0% as of today has been greeted by general enthusiasm and is seen as a very significant move on China’s part for a number of reasons. Let me explain. Words: 772

So says Ian R. Campbell ( in edited excerpts from his synopsis and review (a component of a subscription service but presented here with his kind permission for posting on – Your Key to Making Money!) of 5 articles on the subject. This paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.

Campbell goes on to say, in part:

Without continued China economic growth at high levels developed country economic growth and recovery is less likely and currency exchange rates play a part in this.

Below is my synopsis of the major points of the 5 articles* referenced at the end of this commentary.


  • Beijing must believe “that China’s economy, although cooling, is sturdy enough to handle important, long-promised, structural reforms”…
  • while a larger trading band will not necessarily lead to a stronger currency, having a currency that trades with fewer restrictions enhances the chance of China succeeding in its vision of Shanghai being a global banking hub by 2020;
  • China wants the Yuan to rival the U.S.$ as the global reserve currency…(Last month China gave permission to firms across China to pay for imports and exports in Yuan. This is a material change from the currency control methodology that enabled the Chinese government to accumulated its vast horde of U.S. and other foreign currencies and is an indicator that China is maturing as an economy, and may negatively impact the market for U.S. Treasuries. This is something to watch for.);
  • a more flexible Yuan helps China in ‘turbulent times’ by better enabling it to “guide the currency lower to aid exports”…
  • this announcement “is all about macroeconomic flexibility in an economy that, by the end of the decade (2020), is likely to be on a growth trajectory towards 5 percent and where that flexibility is going to be needed even more”;
  • this announcement “sets the scene for better quality (China) growth in the next decade; and,
  • economists believe China’s “tightly controlled export and investment-driven growth model” is unsustainable…
  • Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, weighed in on China’s policy change, saying: “I would like to welcome this important step by the People’s Bank of China to increase the flexibility of their currency. This underlines China’s commitment to rebalance its economy toward domestic consumption and allow market forces to play a greater role in determining the level of the exchange rate.”
  • [The White House reacted cautiously with Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security advisor, telling reporters on the sidelines of a regional summit in Colombia: “They’ve made some progress but we’d like to see the Chinese take more of these steps to bring their currency more in line with the market value.”]


China has a strong interest, in the face of developed country economic difficulties, in… ensuring, to the extent such a thing is possible, that consumers in the U.S., and other developed countries continue to spend on products manufactured in China. Consider in this regard…that:

  • China’s factory sector that depends directly on foreign trade is estimated to employ 200 million people. That number is about 60% of both the U.S. and Eurozone total (including children) populations. The U.S. and Eurozone populations are almost identical in size, with each being home to about 330 million people, and,
  • China’s consumer consumption represents about 30% of its GDP, whereas U.S. consumer consumption is said to represent about 70% of its GDP. In Q4 2011 Eurozone consumer consumption appears to be in the order of 53%.

Neither China nor any other country does things altruistically…Arguably, this Chinese currency policy change will tend to contribute to:

  • consumers in the developed countries continuing to spend at what likely are, and likely will prove to be, unsustainable levels; while
  • buying China further time to build its own internal consumer base.

In other the words, this currency change, in part, can be seen as China’s contribution to adding some glue to the can that keeps getting ‘kicked down the road’.

*Referenced Articles:

1. China gives currency more freedom with new reform Source: Reuters, Koh Gui Qing, April 14, 2012 Reading time: 4 minutes, thinking time longer

2. China moves on currency after growing US pressure Source: The Telegraph, April 14, 2012 Reading time: 2 minutes

 3. Analysis: China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin Source: Reuters, Nick Edwards, April 15, 2012 Reading time: 4 minutes

 4. China’s Domestic Consumption Ambitions Source: Profit Confidential Blog, George Leong, April 13, 2012 Reading time: 3 minutes

 5. Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on the People’s Bank of China Exchange Rate Action Source: International Monetary Fund, April 14, 2102 Reading time: 1 minute.

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