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China Continues Buying Gold Like There Was No Tomorrow! Here Are the Impressive Numbers (+2K Views)

China continues to buy gold with both hands, keeping up all the gold they produce and importing even more! Imports were up 50% in October vs. the previous month; up 68% in November and up 74% in December. What will January bring given the continued weakness in the price of gold? Probably even more buying!

So reports Katchum (http://katchum.blogspot.ca) in paraphrased excerpts from his post* entitled December 2012 China Gold Imports Hit Record Level.
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Katchum’s post includes the following chart:


I say: “Follow the money!”

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*http://katchum.blogspot.ca/2013/02/december-2012-china-gold-imports-hit.html (Written by Albert Sung; Subscribe to Katchum’s macro-economic blog. Sung is an accomplish pianist and composer as well as financial analyst. Listen to an assortment (24) of his classical compostions here.)

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