Thursday , 26 May 2022


Tobacco Stocks Are the Best Way To Invest In the Cannabis Sector

As of last Friday the 18 largest “seed-to-sale” cannabis stocks had declined by 37.4% YTD while the stock prices of the 5 tobacco companies that have invested heavily in the cannabis industry had increased by +7.6% over the same 4-month period – and pay hefty dividends to boot. Perhaps one or more of these less volatile and financially sound major tobacco stocks warrant your consideration.

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Recessions: 8 Things You Need To Know

A recession is the scariest creature in the average investor's closet of anxieties...because they can mean lower home prices, lower stock prices and, of course, higher unemployment [but] if you're prepared for the next one, there will be plenty of opportunities when that downturn ends. [That being said,] the more you know about recessions, the better, so here are 8 must-know facts about them.

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Psychedelic Stocks DOWN 10% So far In May; Now DOWN 59% YTD

Psychedelic companies are clinical-stage startups still in the product research and development of novel compounds with no products and no revenue and requiring a great deal of money to fund their R&D expenses. Hopefully, this article will assist you in your due diligence to arrive at a prudent investment decision.

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