Thursday , 26 May 2022


China Is the #1 Generator Of Coal-fired Electricity; USA Is #3

In 2021, coal-fired electricity generation increased by 9% reaching all-time highs globally, showing that eliminating coal from the energy mix will not be a simple task despite 40 nations agreeing at the COP26 conference last year to phase coal out of their energy mixes. This infographic shows the aggressive phase-out of coal power that would be required in order to reach net zero goals by 2050.

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Wind Power Generation By U.S. State – How Is Your State Doing?

Wind power is the most productive renewable energy source in the U.S., generating nearly half of America’s renewable energy and today's infographic shows how much wind electricity different U.S. states generate, and breaks down wind’s share of total electricity generation in top wind power producing states.

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The 8 Best-selling Financial Books Of All Time

If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to improve your financial literacy and, whether you’re trying to get a better understanding of personal finance or seeking strategies for growing your business, there’s no shortage of great financial books to choose from.

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May Update: The 9 Latest Gold & Silver Price Forecasts

More and more analysts have been forecasting recently that gold will be going to $3,000-$5,000 per troy ounce (ozt.) over the next few years with a few even suggesting that we could see $10,000-$20,000/ozt.. Below is a list of the most recent analyst projections with hyperlinks to the source.

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Hoarding Nickels: Melt Value Of A Nickel Coin Is Now 8 Cents!

...Russia supplies more than 20 percent of the world’s high-quality nickel...[but] with Ukraine under siege, however, companies in the West are wary of buying Russian nickel and this has increased demand for nickel from everywhere else, which, in turn, has bumped up its price...and led some Americans to begin hoarding nickels. [Here's why.]

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Here’s the Difference Between Paper Silver & Physical Silver

To understand what is real and tangible in the silver market, it is crucial to grasp the difference between paper silver and physical silver and this new infographic from BullionStar shows the silver market as it really is, and the huge differences between physical silver and paper silver...

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