Wednesday , 27 October 2021


8 Pot Stocks Expected To Double This Year

Brokerage and investment bank Stifel is calling a loud ‘Buy’ on a range of cannabis stocks that its analysts think can stand apart and deliver major gains by taking advantage of their financial position and competitive edge in 2020.

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A Credit Ranking of the Top 25 Cannabis Companies

Any portfolio manager contemplating investing in the fledgling cannabis industry needs a simple, yet robust, credit model that ranks the top 25 public U.S. cannabis companies to make an informed decision as to which cannabis company warrants investing their clients' money in and this article provides just that.

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17 Equations That Changed the World (+3K Views)

"Equations definitely CAN be dull, and they CAN seem complicated...but you CAN appreciate the beauty and importance of equations without knowing how to solve them.....[My] intention was to locate them in their cultural and human context, and pull back the veil on their hidden effects on history. Equations are a vital part of our culture. The stories behind them --- the people who discovered/invented them and the periods in which they lived --- are fascinating" and some are particularly relevant to anybody affected by the current financial crisis. [Let's take a look.] Words: 2072

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