Saturday , 10 June 2023


These 5 Gold Stocks Are Likely to Appreciate Most In Value and Price – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Many investors live by the saying – “Cash is King.” The gold sector should be no exception as those gold miners that are able to bring in positive cash flow from their operations, while at the same time using some of it towards capital expansion, are the ones that are likely to appreciate most in value and price. This could apply to the five gold stocks on our list today.

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HUI to Gold Ratio Says Miners Are Still Cheap Compared to Gold

The gold miners-to-gold ratios are indicators that show how many gold ounces are required to purchase one share of an index. Technically, the numbers are the value of the index divided by the price of gold. They show a relative value of miners to the price of bullion, thus indicating whether gold stocks or gold are overvalued or undervalued relative to each other. When the ratios are low, miners are cheap compared to gold, and when the numbers are high, gold stocks look expensive relative to bullion. Let’s examine a chart to see what it says is the situation these days.

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Gold: A Quick Lesson In Fundamental Cycle Analysis (+2K Views)

Finding your bearings in the various cycles for stocks, real estate, commodities, and macroeconomics is critical to investing. This article describes the 3 cycles that influence the precious metal markets...and a gold trader who doesn’t follow the gold cycles is akin to a carpenter that doesn’t use a level.

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PEG Ratio Helps Identify Over & Under Valued Sectors & Stocks

Simply because the P/E for a sector or individual stocks is high does not necessarily mean the sector or stock is overvalued. Importantly, the P/E should be compared to the earnings growth rate for each sector or company. By dividing the P/E by the earnings growth rate, one obtains the PEG ratio (PE to growth rate.) This article compares each sector’s P/Es to each sector’s PEG ratio and comments on which sectors are over and under valued.

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