Tuesday , 3 October 2023


David Dreman More Accurately Forecasts Market Trends Than Most Anyone Else – Here Is His Record

We evaluate here the commentary of David Dreman at Forbes.com regarding the stock market via his archived articles since the beginning of 2001 [and what an accomplished record it is. He is tied for second place with Ken Fisher with a 64% accuracy rating which is well above the 46% rating of a list of 36 of his peers. Jack Schannep is the most accurate at 66%. Below are his market forecasts on specific sectors of the market over the years compared to how well said sectors actually did.] Words: 1706

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Understanding Systematic Risk, Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Frontier (4K Views)

Risk inherent to the entire market or market segment is referred to as systematic risk and modern portfolio theory says that a blend of investments has the potential to increase overall return for a given level of risk, and/or decrease risk for a given return that the investor is trying to achieve. The expected risk/return relationship is known as the efficient frontier. [If you have a portfolio of investments then you need to fully understand what all this really means and how you can apply it to your portfolio makeup to enhance returns under any circumstances. Let me do just that.] Words: 1325

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Busy Last Week? Here Are the 5 Most Read Articles You Might Have Missed

We all live extremely busy lives and often fail to keep up with the most informative articles posted on the internet. munKNEE.com searches the internet for such articles and posts the best in an edited and abridged format (every day for the sake of clarity and brevity) to ensure a fast and easy read. Below are links, with introductory paragraphs, to the 5 most popular for this past week in descending order. Words: 438

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Lassonde on Gold: "What can we expect? I think we can expect fireworks…." Here’s Why (+2K Views)

“There’s no cliff here. There’s no need to panic whatsoever...[In] the two previous bull markets in gold, 1980 and 1934, gold ended at essentially a 1/1 ratio with the Dow Jones and the Dow today is over 13,000. Would I be surprised to see gold past $10,000? No. I know it sounds crazy but it sounds a heck of a lot less crazy than it did five or six years ago.”

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