Tuesday , 5 December 2023


Campbell's Challenge: 'Think for Yourself' When Reading This Article on Gold!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the technical picture for gold has been rapidly deteriorating...and a look at the longer term charts makes it clear that we have just witnessed a head and shoulders formation that has dramatically failed. The chip shot on the downside for gold here is $1,500 [maybe even] $1,450. Bring a double dip scare for the economy into the picture, which I expect to see this summer, and $1,100 is a possibility. If you get a real stock market crash in 2013, as many analysts are predicting, and you’ll get another chance to buy at $750. [That being said,] long term, I still like gold and expect it to hit the old inflation adjusted high of $2,300 during the next hard asset buying binge - but remember also that long term, we are all dead. Words: 900

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Stop! If You Sell in May and Go Away This Year You’ll Regret It – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

[The adage "sell in May and go away" refers to selling one's stocks in May, going into cash, and then waiting until November before buying back into the market. That] has worked the past two years...[This time round, however,] we believe there is a high probability that you would be buying at a higher price [in November] than... [what if you were to sell out] in May of 2012. [Let us explain why we are of that view.] Words: 406

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Gold and Gold Stocks Going Even Lower! Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The Fed’s recent inference that QE3 was not imminent has caused physical gold and silver and the HUI and the XAU to breach their downside support lines. These transitions set up the distinct possibility that we could well see $1,500 gold and the HUI and XAU at 400 and 144, respectively! Let me outline my analyses of the current situation and how it might unfold. Words: 386

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Is Gold the Ultimate Inflation Fighter It Is Claimed to Be? (+2K Views)

Below is a synopsis of, and comments on, a very well balanced article on physical gold which is rather rare in this day and age. The article challenges everyone who owns gold, or is considering owning gold, to think for themselves, and then come to their own conclusions as to whether physical gold is, indeed, the ultimate inflation hedge that it is so often claimed to be. Words:800

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