Saturday , 10 June 2023


6 Bull Market Sectors at Risk of Becoming the Next Big Bubbles

As those familiar with the basics of Austrian economics can attest, an increase in the supply of money and credit [often leads to] asset bubbles in whatever sector(s) the new money and credit find their way into. With the U.S. economy so robust it will not go down easily and, as such, there is still the possibility that the Fed's radical inflationary policies will not break the dollar, but just kick the can down the road one more time, and unleash one more bubble before the bill for 40+ years of monetary madness is finally due. What sectors are most likely to be the recipient of a bubble? [Let's look at the possibilities.] Words: 1212

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The Bull Market In Equities is NOT Over! Here's Why

In spite of all the bearishness out there - the S&P 500 falling to 1,000 (David Tice),the market is overbought (John Hussman), its looking like the bear market of 2011 all over again (David Rosenberg), for example - I tend to disagree for 4 fundamental reasons. Let me explain. Words: 595

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Puplava: The Theoretical Price for Gold is $1,905/ozt.! Here's Why

Given the extremely high correlation between central bank balance sheets and the price of gold, it is possible to determine the implied price relative to current debt levels. In doing so, we calculate gold's "central bank balance sheet value" at around $1900 an ounce. [Let us explain further.] Words:

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Egon von Greyerz: Once Gold Reacts to Global Money Printing Binge It Will Go Exponential (+2K Views)

We are all focused on the short-term and that’s natural, but let’s step back and look at the longer-term picture...We know the debt levels are too high today...but, because less than 1% of world financial assets are in gold, we have yet to really see the gold market react to the massive global money printing binge of the last 10 years. Once the gold market starts reacting to all of this, that’s when gold is going to go exponential. It doesn’t matter whether investors are buying gold at $1,600 or $1,800, it’s irrelevant in the long-run. What’s important is they are invested in physical gold in order to preserve their wealth. [Let me explain why.]

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Save Time & Stay Informed: Read These Financial Article Summaries

We all live extremely busy lives and often fail to keep up with the most informative articles posted on the internet. Below are links, with introductory paragraphs, to 20 very informative articles as posted on (an associate site). The articles are related to Investing (gold/silver, the stock market, crude oil), the Economy (global/US, unemployment, debt and the money system) and Personal Finance (retirement, extra income and employment opportunities). You’re busy so just click on the title of the articles of interest to read them in their entirety.

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I'm Bullish On Gold for 3 Good Reasons – Here They Are

In my opinion, there are three scenarios that could occur in the coming years when analyzing the global economy - and all three have the potential to offer bullish environments for the price of gold. [Let me explain the first and most likely reason.] Words: 660

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Relax! Gold Correction Only a Lull Before Surge to $3,000 – $5,000! Here's Why

Our forecast of much higher gold prices depends not one iota on the day-to-day ups and downs, no matter how extreme, in the yellow metal’s price. Instead, the average long-term price is entirely a function of world economic and political developments, which affect the intensity of investor interest (what we might call long-term hoarding demand) and on gold’s own supply/demand fundamentals. [Let me explain further.] Words: 500

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