Saturday , 10 June 2023

Retirement Planning

Calpers’ $139 Billion Pension Shortfall Might Actually Be As High As $500 Billion – Even $1 Trillion!

Calpers, the nation's largest pension fund, recently reported a $139 billion shortfall - but is the actual shortfall more likely to be $500 billion to $1 trillion when we adjust their investment assumptions - that ignore how the Federal Reserve has changed the markets - for our current reality. If so, then there is an explosive increase in pension obligations - and taxpayer obligations - that greatly exceed what is being reported by the governments or in the media.

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Why Use An Investment Advisor? Here’s Why

There are a number of conventional reasons why a segment of people have always resisted the urge to hire an investment advisor. Nevertheless, there comes a time in virtually everyone’s life when circumstances change at which time finding a trusted advisor may well become a priority and a rewarding proposition that leads to less stress, superior execution, or simply a safety net for your family.

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Social Security: When to Take It & Will it Survive?

Although I have a few years before I am eligible for Social Security, I’m close enough that I am now thinking about three key issues: 1.At what age to start claiming it; 2.Whether it will still be there when I request it; and, regardless of Social Security, much does one need to live on in retirement?

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Retirement Halfway Is No Way to Live – Going Full-circle Is the Way to Thrive! Here’s How

Preparing for, and living in, retirement halfway is a dead end. The richest and most successful retirement experiences and outcomes occur when taking on life and activities full-circle. Thinking in completion mode inspires endless loops of satisfaction. Closure is an accomplishment. It allows you to move your life and those of others, forward. It allows others to do the same. Here are five circles to an enriching retirement.

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