Monday , 16 May 2022


Inside Scoop: Fed Rate To Increase By Infinitesimal Amount In December

Believe it or not, what follows is supposedly the transcript of a recent speech by the outspoken Gustavo Laframboise-Pierre, Global Director of Statistical Creation at the European Central Bank, to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s “Economic Symposium”. It provides considerable inside insight into what is going to unfold regarding interest rates.

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Canada Votes to Spend Itself Into Prosperity (+2K Views)

Canada has surprisingly often been the place where the future happens first - and it’s happening again. Last Monday, Canadian voters swept the ruling Conservatives out of power, delivering a stunning victory to the center-left Liberals led by Justin Trudeau in a clear rejection of the deficit-obsessed austerity orthodoxy that has dominated political discourse across the Western world. The Liberals ran on a frankly, openly Keynesian vision, and won big.

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A Look At What Has Happened to China’s Yuan

Even the slightest movement made by China can create a ripple effect on fragile global markets. On August 11 China devalued its currency by 1.9% and has made some smaller changes since then. Today’s infographic looks at the reaction in currency markets in three time frames after the event: 24 hours, one week, and one month after.

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