Tuesday , 21 March 2023


U.S. House Prices Have Spiked 19.7% On Average Y-o-Y; +32.4% In One Metro Area

According to the National Case-Shiller Home Price Index, house prices have spiked 19.7% on average in the U.S. from a year ago, the biggest year-over-year increase in the data going back to 1987. The national index of this raging mania doesn’t do justice, however, to certain individual metropolitan areas where price spikes reached up to 32%. Here are the details of those metropolitan areas.

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The False Economics of Home Ownership

“Home ownership” is regarded as some sort of Holy Grail of financial planning based upon the conventional belief that owning real estate is the #1 path to (at least) financial security, if not affluence, but there is no substance to this belief. Here's why.

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