Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Debt & Deficits

Welcome Back to the Easy Debt Party!

Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck so all this access to subprime debt is going to do is allow them to consume future income and guarantee that any ability for future financial security disappears.

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Perpetual Debt Provides NO Free Lunch! (+2K Views)

For a couple of years the world's central banks fooled the public into believing that perpetual debt was a good way to rejuvenate the markets but, alas, there will be no free lunch. Having a system addicted to perpetual debt is NOT a solution as the following 9 indicators clearly suggest. Again, nothing comes for free in this world.

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Is Fed’s Tapering Causing the Stock Market to Begin to Tank (Again)? Will the Fed Back Off (Again)? (+2K Views)

Hardly anyone thought the Fed would fulfill their plan to stop monetizing the country's debt - and absolutely no one thinks they’ll succeed if they do - but the Fed is acting like it’s serious. The Fed has stopped adding and started subtracting - the money supply is falling - but will this cause the stock market to begin to tank like it did on the last two attempts causing the Fed to relent?

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