Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Busy Last Week? Here Are the 5 Most Read Articles You Might Have Missed

We all live extremely busy lives and often fail to keep up with the most informative articles posted on the internet. searches the internet for such articles and posts the best in an edited and abridged format (every day for the sake of clarity and brevity) to ensure a fast and easy read. Below are links, with introductory paragraphs, to the 5 most popular for this past week in descending order. Words: 438

So says Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!). (This paragraph must be included in any article re-posting to avoid copyright infringement.)

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Here are the 5 most read articles of the week:

1. The Surprising Side Effects of Rising College Costs

The rising cost of college tuition translates into many students re-evaluating higher education, their future professional careers as well as other major life decisions. Find out more in our very enlightening infographic on The Surprising Side Effects of Rising College Costs.

2. Lassonde on Gold: “What can we expect? I think we can expect fireworks….” Here’s Why


“There’s no cliff here. There’s no need to panic whatsoever…[In] the two previous bull markets in gold, 1980 and 1934, gold ended at essentially a 1/1 ratio with the Dow Jones and the Dow today is over 13,000. Would I be surprised to see gold past $10,000? No. I know it sounds crazy but it sounds a heck of a lot less crazy than it did five or six years ago.”

3. Dr. Nu Yu’s Market Weekly Update


What is currently transpiring with gold, silver, the US Dollar Index, 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds and the broad stock market is no surprise to those who follow my weekly market updates. Take a look. Words: 721

4. Nouriel Roubini: Global Economy Faces These 4 Major Downside Risks


While recent developments seem to suggest some positive news for the global economy, there are at least four downside risks that could materialize this year – undermining global growth and eventually negatively affecting investor confidence and market valuations of risky assets. [Let me spell them out.] Words: 933

5. Don’t Believe the Hype and the Lies About the American Economy! Here are the Facts


Please don’t believe the hype that the American economy is healing. While it is true that some data is showing improvement, the true fundamentals of the economy continue to erode. Don’t believe the lie that the Fed’s money printing is laying fallow at the central bank and that inflation isn’t harming the American middle class and the economy. [Let me tell you the truth!]


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