Friday , 1 December 2023

American Household Savings, Debt, Spending & Income Trends Have Been Changing – Here’s How

Today’s chart looks at financial trends at the household level, such as savings, debt, spending, and income. The result is an interesting picture of how the average U.S. household is changing over time.

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Every year, Silicon Valley patiently waits for Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins to share her famous Internet Trends report. The latest rendition came out two days ago. As usual, the 294-slide deck is a treasure trove of the latest data on technology and internet trends but, while the report is well-known as a barometer on the internet, it also features some high-level data on the U.S. economy that we found interesting. As a result, we used some of the most compelling slides to put together this week’s chart on how American household finances are changing – and we greatly thank Mary for doing the heavy lifting.

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