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Alf Field's Analysis of the Trend & Price of Gold/Silver in 8 Great Articles


Below are 8 articles by Alf Field with links to the introductory paragraphs of each of the articles with links to each of the individual articles. Set aside some time because I doubt you can read just one! Not enough time to read them all? Make plans to come back tomorrow.

By: Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) and (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds).

I have thoroughly enjoyed the daily 5-10 hours I have spent over the last 36 monthssearching the internet for the most informative articles and then editing them for posting on and my feeder site (1,700 to date) but I’m finally taking some time off.

I leave on a 30 day trip to China beginning next week and likely will not be posting very many articles during that period. I hope to have a number of guest contributors fill the void during that time so stay tuned.

You visit this site because you appreciate the quality and informative nature of the articles and their edited excerpt approach of providing articles in a concise and clear manner to provide you with a fast and easy read each and every time.

Below you will find 8 such articles by Alf Field for your edification.

1. Alf Field: Gold STILL Targeted to Reach $4,500 – Preceded By Violent Upside Action

gold coins

We now have a really strong probability that the correction which started at $1913 on 23 August 2011 has been completed both in terms of Elliott waves and also in terms of time elapsed. If this is correct, the gold price should soon be expressing itself in violent upside action as it moves into the third of third wave which is still targeted to reach $4,500. [Let me explain in detail (with charts) how and why my most recent analyses confirm my earlier target of $4,500.] Words: 10852,

2. Alf Field is Back! The “Moses” Generation and the Future of Gold


I have come out of retirement for this one off, once only, speech to warn that the good ship “Life As We Know It” is sinking. You have the choice of getting into a life boat now or going down with the ship. The life boats consist of precious metals and other assets that will survive the coming currency destruction. [Let me explain.] Words: 1400

3. Alf Field: Gold Going to $4,500/ozt. in Next Wave Towards Parabolic Peak


Once this present correction in gold has been completed it should [undergo] the largest and strongest wave in the entire gold bull market…to around $4,500 with only two 13% corrections along the way. [Let me explain how I came to that conclusion.] Words: 1900

4. Alf Field: Gold Retested $1,650 as Expected and Now is on Move to $4,500


Gold it is still tracking well in line with Elliott Wave expectations [which foretold] a rally from the previous low followed by a further decline to [as low as $1,650 before going onwards and upwards. Let me explain the steps that brought me to that conclusion.] Words: 683

5. Where Is This Unprecedented Global Financial Crisis Headed? A Retrospective from Alf Field


Everyone must be wondering where this “unprecedented global financial crisis”, (the World Bank’s words), is heading. What follows, for what they are worth, are my cogitations on this crisis. Words: 1641

6. Alf Field’s 7 “D’s” of the Developing Disaster Revisited


When the supply of something is increased sharply relative to demand, the value of that commodity will decline. If the supply continues to increase rapidly and indefinitely, then that item will become worth less and less, with the potential to finally become nearly worthless. This is the Developing Disaster facing the US Dollar and the world. This is the factor that could become the single most important criterion in investment allocation decisions and possibly even for individual financial survival…[Let me explain this further by reviewing the 7 major problems facing the U.S. (and thus the world) and how they all will lead to problem #7 – devolution.] Words: 1520

7. America’s Current Account Deficit Causing World’s Financial Crisis! Here’s Why


The onset of the world’s worst financial crisis in many decades is one of the most important factors (if not the most important factor) currently influencing investment decisions. The crisis has created chaos and confusion. Not many people understand how the world has arrived at this unfortunate situation. This report endeavours to identify the underlying causes of the crisis and explains why the USA current account deficit has been the main destabilising force in world finance. Words: 3806

8. Alf Field Sees Silver Reaching $158.34 Based on His $4,500 Gold Projection!

Silver Bars

This article was prompted by a question enquiring what the silver price might be if my gold forecast of $4,500 proved to be correct [see my article entitled “Alf Field: Correction in Gold is OVER and On Way to $4,500+!” and I have settled on] a target price of $158.34 for silver. [Let me explain how I came to that specific price.] Words: 850