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A Look At Canada’s Unique, Beautiful & Costly Coins (+5K Views)

So writes Monica Bugaiski ( in edited excerpts from her original post* entitled Happy 26th birthday to the Loonie.

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1.  The Loonie

25 years have passed since Canada bid farewell to one-dollar banknotes and opened its arms to the beloved minted bird that is affectionately “coined” the Loonie.

Loonie 1

2. The Million Dollar Coin

That’s no misprint. This million-dollar coin is what the Royal Canadian Mint refers to as a “true milestone.” Made in 2007, it’s the Guinness World Record’s largest gold coin, and weighing in at 100kg, we imagine it’s rather hard to pocket. Where is it now? According to the Mint, this ginormous coin is in the possession of a Dubai resident who has turned it into a coffee table. Nope, not kidding.

World's First 100-kg, .99999% Pure Gold Bullion Coin Editor-in-Chief Lorimer Wilson with the world’s first 100-kg, 99999 pure gold bullion coin with a $1 million face value. It was produced by The Royal Canadian Mint.

3. The $100,000 Coin

Designed by sculptor, carver and master goldsmith Bill Reid, the Spirit of Haida Gwaii coin weighs 10 kg and is 99.999% pure gold. Only 15 of these gems are available for purchase, so if you’re looking to invest in gold, this might be the key.

coin 3

4. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

This beauty won top prize in the 2012 International Commemorative Coins Contest. To mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a real diamond was placed in the $300 pure gold coin.

coin 4

5. Fine Gold Kilo “Towards Confederation”

Be inspired by this 2010 World Money Fair Most Inspirational Coin winner. It’s intricate, to say the least.

coin 5

6. 400th Anniversary of Hudson Bay

This carefully crafted $100 gold coin commemorates Canada’s history and took the 2012 prize for Most Historically Significant Coin at the Karusse Publications 2012 Coin of the Year Awards.

coin 6

7. Fine Silver Crystal Snowflake

A coin doesn’t have to gold to be considered a thing of beauty, and this snowflake carved into silver and adorned with Swarovski crystals is as delicate and alluring as they come.

coin 7

8. Terry Fox Loonie

Keep an eye out for this Canadian hero. Today the Mint honours Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope by releasing specialized $1 coins with his running figure gracing its curves.

coin 8

9. Summer Moon Mask

Made in 2009, this $300 gold coin depicts a carving of the Coast Salish people of British Columbia.

coin 9

10. Big and Little Bear constellations coins

Nothing is more Canadian than our vast night skies, and this 2007 Most Inspirational Coin winner depicts a scenic starry night.

coin 10

11. Breast Cancer Quarter

The 25-cent pink ribbon coin was minted and sent into circulation in hopes of creating a future without breast cancer.

coin 11

12. Gold Bullion Maple Leaf

This pretty penny contains a patriotic hologram and was produced for the 20th anniversary maple leaf coin series.

coin 12


13. Centennial of Parks Canada

This 2011 one-dollar coin captured the beauty and playfulness of our national parks.

coin 13


14. Lucky Loonies

Since the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Mint released Lucky Loonies to show our athletes support at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The coins of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games might just be our favorite.

coin 14

15. Original Loon

Classic loon. Classic Canada.

coin 15


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