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9 Dynamics of Decay That Lead to Economic, Social & Political Collapse (+3K Views)

Placing our faith in failed monetary policies of the past is the height of hubris and complacency. There is a cost to complacency and it’s called collapse and, currently, there are 9 dynamics of decay currently in play around the globe.

The above edited excerpts, and the edited copy below, are from an article* by Charles Hugh Smth ( originally entitled Collapse: The 9 Dynamics of Decay which can be read in its entirety HERE.

The 9 dynamics of decay currently in play around the globe are:

  1. complacency and intellectual laziness
  2. profound political disunity
  3. rise of unproductive complexity
  4. those bearing the sacrifices opt out/quit
  5. decay of effective leadership
  6. rise of bread and circuses social welfare and entertainment to distract/placate restive citizenry
  7. decline of wealth-producing capacity–status quo living off financial trickery
  8. sclerosis–status quo controlled by vested interests
  9. resource depletion/environmental damage

The key driver of decline is the constant political struggle for power that is draining resources and leading to ineffective leadership on a worldwide basis. This profound political disunity in the U.S. is not the usual staged battles of the Demopublicans vs. the Republicrats but between a doomed Status Quo and those willing to deal with reality. Right now those willing to deal with reality are few, but they have the distinct advantage of reality on their side, while the Status Quo has only propaganda, artifice, phony political theater and empty promises.

Another dynamic of decay is expansive, sclerotic bureaucracies that lose sight of their purpose while piling on unproductive complexity. The top leadership abandons the pursuit of the common good for personal gain, wealth and power, and this rot at the top soon spreads down the chain of command to infect and corrupt the entire institutional culture.

Michael Grant touched on many of these dynamics in his excellent account The Fall of the Roman Empire, a short book I highly recommend you read.

Rome didn’t fall so much as erode away, its many strengths squandered on in-fighting, mismanagement of resources, complacency and personal aggrandizement/ corruption. That’s the template for collapse, and you see it in every status quo globally.


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