Tuesday , 20 April 2021

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The Price of Gold Could Be Repeating History – Here’s Why

With inflation picking up but the Fed unable to hike because of the significant global volatility RBC speculates that there are now growing parallels to the 1970s when external pressures and fragile growth rates did not allow the Fed to hike. This was also notably a time of strong gold price appreciation. Could the gold price be repeating history?

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Gold’s Long-term Bull Market Is Intact With Prices Expected to Surge – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Gold prices have been trending higher in the last twelve years and might continue to do so over the next decade. This article is in defense of current gold prices from a money creation perspective. Further, this article completely rules out a bubble in gold. Hence, the expectation is that the long-term bull market for gold is intact and gold will surge higher over the next decade. Words: 914

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World Gold Council Report: A Look Back – A Look Forward

What a year for gold in 2011! It was up 9% in US dollar price terms and even more so in most other currencies; outperformed a large number of asset classes reinforcing its role as a foundation asset in portfolio construction; provided liquidity when investors needed it the most, acting as a risk management vehicle [and] served as a currency hedge throughout the year, in particular against the US dollar;...[and] gold fundamentals of supply and demand were robust [ which should remain so in 2112]. Words: 1530

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