Tuesday , 27 February 2024

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I'm Bullish On Gold for 3 Good Reasons – Here They Are

In my opinion, there are three scenarios that could occur in the coming years when analyzing the global economy - and all three have the potential to offer bullish environments for the price of gold. [Let me explain the first and most likely reason.] Words: 660

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"Gold is Useless!" and 6 Other Reasons To Hate Gold As An Investment (+3K Views)

Over the past few years, pretty much every investor has become familiar with gold. The shiny precious metal has surged in price and has managed to hold strong while broad indexes have slipped, highlighting its appeal as a diversification agent and safe haven investment. This has prompted many investors to ramp up their allocations to the space in order to take advantage of these favorable trends and lead their portfolios to broad gains...[but] there are a number of other issues that investors need to be aware of when considering allocating capital to the space, as there are several reasons to avoid the precious metal from an investment perspective. Below, we highlight seven reasons for why investors may want to temper their expectations for the metal and consider a more diversified approach that doesn’t include such a large allocation to the ‘barbaric relic’. Words: 2030

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