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Current Economic Recovery is a Sham! Here's Why

Until people understand the reality of this supposed financial recovery and realize that unless major changes are made the deck chairs on the Titanic will just keep being rearranged resulting in the wealthy being even wealthier by 2020 and the middle class being a shell of what it once was in the United States. [Let me explain more fully.] Words: 1260

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America: The 42nd Most Unequal Country in the World!

Remember the song by The Barenaked Ladies called "If I Had a Million Dollars"? Well, if you were one of the many ultra-wealthy around the world who were worth billions (see list) and earns billions of dollars each year, year after year, where could you possibly spend such riches? Well, frankly, even being very extravagant, it actually is surprisingly difficult to spend that much money - and there's the rub. While this article, on one hand, outlines where and how a billionaire could make a small dent in his fortune (the uplifting part) it outlines, on the other hand, just how concentrated wealth is in the U.S. these days and the adverse effect such a concentration is having on our society. Words: 2156

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