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True Money Supply Is Already Hyperinflationary! What’s Next? (+3K Views)

Economists are telling central banks to accelerate monetary growth even faster...to avoid a bank balance sheet implosion with all the deflationary consequences that implies. [As such,] the prospects for 2012, and thereafter, are for Total Money Supply to continue its hyperbolic trend - and when such a trend becomes established it becomes almost impossible to stop because the whole debt-based economy and the banking system would collapse. [Let me explain further.] Words: 550

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These 5 Apocalyptic Engines Causing Hyperbolic Growth in US Money Supply

I recently wrote an article showing how US True Money Supply (TMS) appeared to be growing at a hyperbolic rate [see here], and that gold was also on a hyperbolic course...Hyperbolic growth in the quantity of money ends with hyperinflation... [and] both TMS and the dollar price of gold are pointing to a hyperinflationary outcome. This article explains why this might be so. Words: 764

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