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The U.S. Trade Imbalance – A ‘Deficit Without Tears’? (+2K Views)

There is a definite connection between fiat currencies and trade deficits. Critics of the Federal Reserve are right to blame it for distorting trade flows and setting the U.S. economy up for an inflationary crash. However, a trade deficit per se is not a sign of a bad economy. Indeed the trade deficit might blossom if the U.S. ever returned to the gold standard, though it would be due to a productive net inflow of producer goods. Words: 1667

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Ron Paul: In Gold We Trust – Not U.S. Dollars (+2K Views)

A soaring gold price is a vote of "no confidence" in the central bank and the dollar [and]... reflect a growing restlessness with the increasing money supply, our budgetary and trade deficits, our unfunded liabilities, and the inability of Congress and the administration to reign in runaway spending. Words: 1911

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