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The Markets & Politicians Got It Right: The Fiscal "Cliff" Is/Was Nothing to Panic About

Why are Congress and the White House not panicked about the looming fiscal "cliff"? Why has the Dow pulled back only 2% rather than plunging 2,000 points as time to forge an agreement by year-end has foolishly dwindled down to just a couple of days, and odds of it happening have become remote? Probably because the markets and politicians are aware that the economy is not going to suddenly plunge over a cliff into an abyss on January 2 if an agreement has not been reached by then. [Let me explain just what it does mean, though.] Words: 785

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National Debt Burden per Capita-to-Income Index at 50 Year High – and Growing! (+3K Views)

Wars and depressions largely characterize the periods of time where there have been significant run-ups in the level of the U.S. National Debt Burden per Capita [i.e. the U.S. National Debt Burden per Capita-to-income Index], with the debt taken on to support the costs of the U.S. Civil War and World War II being the most significant. Today... it is perhaps most comparable to the Great Depression. [Take a look.] Words: 326

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Mauldin: Large Tax Increases in 2011 Will Tip Us Into Recession

The uber-Keynesians that are in control of our economic policy clearly do not think that large tax increases matter, or if they do think so they are not speaking out about them. They are conducting an experiment on our economic body without benefit of anesthesia. Here's a prediction about which I can feel confident: if we do slip back into recession, they will blame some factor other than the tax increase and call for massive stimulus. In fact, they will probably say that the lack of stimulus was the problem in the first place. Paul Krugman will be the head cheerleader. Words: 841

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