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Graham Summers: Spain "Lies Until It Is About to Die!"

The big news that the markets are attempting to digest this week is the €100 billion Spanish bailout. This action and the upcoming Fed FOMC meeting on June 19-20 will dictate the market's action over the next two weeks and possibly for the remainder of the year. [That being said, given what has transpired in Spain this past month, it is evident that the philosophy is to "lie until you are about to die." Let me explain.] Words: 640

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In Defense of Spain: What Crisis??

You can twist it as you like: there is no European debt crisis. There simply isn't. The uncontrolled media frenzy that we are experiencing is undifferentiated, baseless and harming investors. They are selling shares in Spain instead of profiting from these extraordinary times and buying more of them - as any serious investor would do. Words: 506

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IMF’s Attempt to Use Spain’s Financial Woes to Increase Its Powers a Momentous Move – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The International Monetary Fund wants the rules of the IMF changed so it can lend directly to banks and underwrite a rescue of the Spanish financial system without increasing Spain's government debt. If the IMF is permitted to do so, however, the banking system's control would pass to the IMF and such an increase in powers would be momentous. Here's why. Words: 755

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Despite Financial Woes It's Still Business as Usual Worldwide – Here's Why and How to Invest Accordingly

Politicians always appear to consider the cost of acting versus the cost of inaction. As long as more money is lined up: be that from the central government for the regions; be that from a European stability fund for the government; or be it from the IMF, incentives for reforms are taken away. [Spain is a prime example of what is wrong with Europe - and much of the world. Let me explain why that is the case and how to benefit from the overall situation.] Words: 1174

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Campbell Asks: Can Italy Be Far Behind Spain?

About three months ago, shortly before Greece's sovereign debt was restructured, I began to warn about Spain as the next Eurozone country to focus on. That has, indeed, turned out to be 'all the news' with reports every day on Spain's deteriorating financial condition. Given the ongoing world economic uncertainty and volatility, however, I suggest you now begin to pay very careful attention to Italy going forward, but doing so without losing sight of what is transpiring in Spain. [Let me explain why I see 'Italy' eventually surpassing Spain as 'all the news'.] Words: 485

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Sovereign Debt Defaults Now Possible/Likely? (+2K Views)

Governments the world over have spent the past year bailing out, backstopping, insuring, and stimulating their financial sectors and economies throwing around trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and pounds like Halloween candy. Officials have assured us there’s little risk to that strategy but I believe that the opposite is true - that if you borrow and spend too much, all you’re going to do is transform a Wall Street debt crisis into a Washington debt crisis. Words: 882

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