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Jim Sinclair: We are Way Over the Edge Already! Got Gold? (+2K Views)

I wrote a piece recently called "Could America be Pushed over the Economic Edge?" about how Libya, Japan or even covert economic warfare from America’s enemies could push the U.S. into another financial meltdown. I received a one sentence email from my friend Jim Sinclair that said, “We are way over the edge right now.” His message gave me a sinking feeling. [Let me explain.] Words: 923

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Groundwork Has Been Laid for Hyperinflation, Soaring Interest Rates and Exploding Gold and Silver Prices (+2K Views)

Increases in spending and liabilities along with decreases in foreign lending equals a recipe for disaster. So, where will the money come from? This is a job for the printing press. While we are certainly facing deflation in the near term and a very choppy market, the groundwork has been laid for hyperinflation, soaring interest rates and exploding gold and silver prices. Words: 945

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