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How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Buying Gold (+3K Views)

If you're trying to invest in precious metals, then stick to bullion coins or bars. Don't be distracted by numismatics, rare coins, collector's items, or fancy packaging or grading schemes...Even though I have long warned of the dangers of the industry, it is hard for retail investors not to be led astray by high-pressure salesmen [but] reading this guide is a step in the right direction. Words: 1000

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An Introduction To Rare Coins As An Alternative Investment (+2K Views)

Rare coins can play [an important] role in an investor’s portfolio as an alternative asset...[They] can hold their value quite well over time while remaining small and portable as physical assets. The following an introduction to rare coins, including the stories behind certain coins and why they are worth up to millions of multiples of their face value.

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