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7 Keys to Greater Profits in Canadian Penny Stocks (+2K Views)

Buying penny stocks can pay off extremely well when it succeeds but, in addition to the business odds against success, it’s much easier to launch and promote a stock than it is to find a mine, for example, or invent a new battery. That’s why penny stocks are so common, even though profit-making companies are rare. It’s also why we think penny stocks should make up only a very small part of your portfolio. Words: 475

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4 Silver Penny Stocks That Should Continue To Shine (+2K Views)

Silver’s performance since April 1, 2016, has more than doubled that of gold. That being said, the silver names on our list today should continue to shine as all have undertaken significant debt, using that as leverage to enhance production initiatives and sell more silver at these elevated prices.

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What You Need To Know About Investing In Microcap (Penny) Stocks

Microcap stocks are inherently volatile, but for those that can stomach it, there is a big profit opportunity. Furthermore, hidden in the market are companies that do have game changing plans or discoveries that could see their valuations rise more than 10x (a ten-bagger, as industry people call it). The key is being able to put in the time, due diligence, and using the right strategy to discover these companies. This infographic covers some of the ins and outs of trading such stocks.

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Gold & Silver Company Warrants Warrant Your Attention (+2K Views)

Talk about a small world we live and invest in! The galaxy of warrants trading on the TSX/TSXV consists of only 167 planets (i.e. constituents) in total of which only 40 are stars associated with 34 commodity-related stocks that have sufficient brightness (i.e. 24+ months duration) to warrant (the pun is intended!) the attention of earthly investors. My telescope has identified each of them and below I provide you with the particulars of each so you will be in a position to do your due diligence and begin to prosper above and beyond what you could achieve investing in the commodities and/or stocks themselves. Words: 1674

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