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Goldrunner: Here’s My Take On All That Debt Ceiling Crap (+2K Views)

All of the crap about the debt ceiling is really about plausible deniability, delivered as propaganda. Threaten deflation and austerity to make a big scene, and force the people to demand the debt ceiling be raised. This is all part of the “show deflation” at critical times when they want to print more aggressively with no blow back.

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Obamacare is Coming: Here Are Some of the NEW Taxes You’ll Be Paying for It (+2K Views)

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, Obamacare will become reality and that means that a lot more people in the United States will have health insurance and, if the program works as it is supposed to, it also means that the growth of healthcare spending overall will eventually slow. Both of those are good but, in the near term, Obamacare also means a lot of people will be paying more taxes and higher insurance premiums. (You didn't think Obamacare was free, did you?) Below are some of the new taxes you're going to have to pay to pay for Obamacare. Words: 565

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