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Investors Beware: Armageddon Lies Ahead for Municipal Bond Holders!

The Securities and Exchange Commission is worried that municipal bankruptcies, combined with an expected spike in interest rates, means that the muni bond market could face "Armageddon" with devastating consequences for the individual investors (74% of the total) who hold the paper of which many are retirees. Words: 490

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Shilling: Chief Pooh-pooher of Market Enthusiasm for Good Reasons – Do You Agree?

Economist Gary Shilling, excellent forecaster of past recessions and chief pooh-pooher of today’s market enthusiasm, thinks consumers are in worse shape than they’re letting on ...[and,] while his general pessimism puts him very much at odds with the market for the first few months of the year, it looks like he’s gaining some followers. [Take a look at his] point-by-point explanations of his opinions, [supported by charts , and see if you, too, come to the same conclusions.] Words: 740

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Municipal Bankruptcy Crisis in U.S. to Have Dire National Consequences! Here's Why – and How

The plight of municipalities in the U.S., and their struggles under the weight of enormous pension budget deficits, are reaching the critical phase [with] many municipalities [now]contemplating bankruptcy. [That, in turn, is causing]... municipalities [to eliminate jobs (150,000 - 175,000 in 2012) providing significant headwinds to jobs growth nationally [which, in turn, will adversely affect] economic growth...[causing even] more municipalities to declare bankruptcy and [their] states, in turn, run to the Federal government for help. Words: 567

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