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The Cure to Our Unemployment & Declining Economic Conditions Are Staring Us Right in the Face – Here It Is (+2K Views)

The world has created another debt bubble and we've chosen to kick the can down the road just like Roosevelt did in the ‘30s, and Japan has been doing for the last 20 years. Also, just like in the ‘30s, we are going to get the same result which is persistently high unemployment and generally declining global economic conditions unless drastic steps are taken - and the cure to our problem is staring us right in the face. [ Let me explain.] Words: 760

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U.S. Fiscal Situation MUCH Worse Than Government Lets On!

I believe our fiscal situation is much worse than most people realize. True, the situation might be resolvable with a hard-nosed turnaround specialist in charge [Romney?] but, even here, the emphasis is on “might”! In a political context, where citizens have been conditioned to believe they are entitled to live at the expense of government (i.e other citizens because, after all, government has nothing that it first does not take from someone else), the situation is beyond hopeless. Let me address the true economic situation of the U.S. by way of an email I received from a regular reader recently. Words: 615

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How to Restore Fiscal Sanity to the USA (+2K Views)

Our government has grown too big, promised too much and waited too long to restructure. Our fiscal clock is ticking and time is not working in our favor. The Moment of Truth is rapidly approaching. We'll soon know whether Washington policymakers are up to the challenge and whether they will start focusing more of doing their job rather than just keeping their job and on focusing first on their country rather than their party. [To accomplished what is needed] the President and Congressional leaders from both political parties need to be at the table and everything must be on the table in order to achieve sustainable success. [Here's an outline of our country's predicament and how it might be resolved.] Words: 3110

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