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You CAN Time the Market If You Know How! Here’s How

Much has been written that it is impossible to time the market - that a buy and hold approach is much more rewarding - but that is simply not the case. This article provides you with the knowledge and a great charting service (free) to do just that.All you need do then is set aside the time and make the effort to apply the disciplines learned.

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Are We In Phase 3 – the Final Phase – of This Bull Market Yet? (+2K Views)

Are we in the third phase of a bull market? Most who will read this article will immediately say “no” but isn’t that what was always believed during the “mania” phase of every previous bull market cycle? With the current bull market now stretching into its sixth year; it seems appropriate to review the three very distinct phases of historical bull market cycles.

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Market & Economic Cycles Suggest We’re in the Fall Season in More Ways than One – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The key to long term success in investing is understanding the difference between the "seasons" in the markets and the economy. [Let me explain the four "seasons" and why we might very well be in the "fall" season and, if that is indeed correct, why] it is time to pack away the summer allocations and break out the winter coats to hunker down for what may be a chilly 2012. Words: 1016

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Cycle Charts for the Dow, Gold and Oil Most Revealing!

Larry Edelson's proprietary cycle analyses suggests that we could experience declines in the Dow 30 and S&P 500 to 9,000 and 1,000, respectively, by April of 2011; a potential decline in the price of gold to as low as $1126 by August of 2011 and a decline in the price of crude oil to as low as $69 next year - before taking off to record highs. Words: 781

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The 4 Stages of Transition from Market Bottom to Market Top (+2K Views)

Whether the stock market is topping out and the economy's 2010 trajectory will disappoint is subject to debate but what probably can't be debated - and something that truly astonishes me - is the brief period of time in which we have moved from fear to greed. There are four classical stages in a move from market bottom to market top and then back again. How do they apply to the situation this time around? Words: 573

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