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WEALTH IF YOU WANT IT is an e-book that deals with how to improve your wealth, your financial independence and your quality of life.

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Motivated Stock Pickers CAN Beat the Market! Here’s How (+4K Views)

What hope can there be for motivated stock pickers to outperform the low-cost index funds that simply mechanically track the market? Well - in spite of the absurd rise of the Nobel-acclaimed, and highly promoted, Efficient Market Hypothesis that claims that individual investors can't beat the market - it turns out there is plenty! [Let me explain.] Words: 1574

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Save Time! Access Today's BEST Financial Articles Here

Busy? Overwhelmed by the number of articles available every day? Only have a few minutes to read articles of interest? No problem! You can now go to www.FinancialArticleSummariesToday.com (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds) where you will find introductory paragraphs to today's most informative articles. Here's a sample of what you have been missing.

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You’ll Never have a 10-bagger if you Sell a Stock after a 2-bagger! Here’s when to Ride a Winner – or Sell (+3K Views)

One of the hardest things for individual investors to do is to know when to sell a stock. Many times, you might sell simply because a stock has gone up and you've made some money. More often than not, though, this is not a great reason to sell [because, as mentioned in the title of this article,] you will never - ever - have a 10-bagger if you sell a stock after a 2-bagger. That being said, what things should one consider before selling? Words: 912

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Twitter Weekly Updates for w/e May 6/2011

New article posted on munKNEE: https://munknee.com/2011/05/richard-russell-demise-of-the-yankee-dollar-vs-the-rise-in-gold/ # New article by Chris Puplava: https://munknee.com/2011/05/what-the-1970s-performance-of-gold-silver-and-usd-says-about-tomorrow/ # New article! https://munknee.com/2011/05/why-hyperinflation-is-not-likely-let-alone-imminent/ # New Article on Gold and Silver https://munknee.com/2011/05/%e2%80%9cthree-peaks%e2%80%9d-pattern-suggests-gold-to-decline-17-into-june/ # Not too late to buy gold!https://munknee.com/2011/04/goldrunner-gold-on-track-to-reach-1860-1920-by-mid-year/ # An opposite point of view:https://munknee.com/2011/05/america-is-bankrupt-claim-is-total-nonsense-heres-why/ # Powered by Twitter Tools

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