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U.S. Gov’t Ensnared in a Debt & Interest Rate Trap – Here’s What It Means For Gold

Should the Fed raise interest rates at some point in the future, as is widely expected, such higher interest rates might bring far worse consequences than can be achieved by simply staying the course. While some small, even token, rate hike would be tolerable, a return to historical norms could reap consequences in the general economy far beyond the direct effect on the federal government’s fiscal status. The fact is that the federal government is ensnared in a debt and interest rate trap of its own making from which it will be difficult to extricate itself.

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What Affect Will Rising Interest Rates Have On Inflation & the Future Price of Gold?

Though the stock, bond and currency markets, at the moment, are preoccupied with the question of when the first interest-rate increase will happen, the real story lies in where interest rates are ultimately headed because that answer defines where stock, bond and currency prices are ultimately headed and the reality, dear reader, is that the Fed simply cannot — and will not — allow interest rates to crawl very high. Why is that you ask? Read on!

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Higher Interest Payments on Debt = Higher Prices for Gold and Silver

Historically the price of gold rises when there’s an increasing percentage of federal revenues going to pay interest on the national debt and...declines when US interest payments move down as a percentage of federal revenues. [Given what is currently unfolding,]...the forecast for the price of gold is simply up, up and away. [Let me show you in graphic form.] Words: 451

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