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The 6 Fastest Growing Countries in Emerging Europe

With volatility returning to domestic equities, it might be time for investors to consider increasing their exposure to foreign markets, specifically emerging Europe...With that in mind, I’d like to share with you the top six fastest growing countries in emerging Europe, based on their just-released manufacturing PMIs for the month of March.

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What Would the Consequences Be If Greece Exited the Eurozone?

Given what is going on in the Eurozone - particularly with reference to Greece and Spain - but also with reference to France, Italy, Portugal, and the Netherlands, things seem to be increasingly spinning out of control. Should Greece exit the Eurozone there will most certainly be contagion issues arising which will be important to you whether you invest in the financial markets or not. Let's take a look at them. Words: 502

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Greek Bailout Keeps "United States Of Europe" Dream Intact…for Now!

Much of what we see and don’t see regarding the modern-day tragedy that is Greece, is all about perserving the dream of a pan EU/European nation state, a United States of Europe if you will, rather than about bailing out the foreign bank holders of European sovereign debt. Let me explain my perspective. Words: 627

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Sovereign Debt Defaults Now Possible/Likely? (+2K Views)

Governments the world over have spent the past year bailing out, backstopping, insuring, and stimulating their financial sectors and economies throwing around trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and pounds like Halloween candy. Officials have assured us there’s little risk to that strategy but I believe that the opposite is true - that if you borrow and spend too much, all you’re going to do is transform a Wall Street debt crisis into a Washington debt crisis. Words: 882

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