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Who Are the ‘Greater Fools” Now? (+5K Views)

Many households, financial and non-financial firms and government, may well spend the next decade in debtor’s prison having to tighten their belts to pay for the losses inflicted by a decade of reckless leverage, over-consumption and risk taking. What fools we have been for living beyond our means all these years and taking no fiscal responsibility for our future well-being in the false hope that there always would be a ‘greater fool’ out there than us. Words: 1230

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Are You a “Greater Fool” These Days? (+2K Views)

It does not matter if stocks are insanely overvalued as long as there's a foolish participant who is willing to pay a higher price. That's the essence of the "greater fool theory" and, right now, there are more foolish buyers who want "in the game" than risk-reducing sellers who want to scale back.

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Is Gold a "Greater Fool" Asset?

I believe the terminology "investing in gold" is a misnomer. Speculation is a better fit for the argument to own gold than considering it an investment. [Let me explain.] Words: 606

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