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Does the Collapse In Gold Prices Represent a Vote of Confidence In the Global Economy? (+2K Views)

From the onset of the global financial crisis, the price of gold has often been portrayed as a barometer of global economic insecurity (in principle, holding gold is a form of insurance against war, financial Armageddon, and wholesale currency debasement) so does the collapse in gold prices - from a peak of $1,900 per ounce in August 2011 to under $1,250 at the beginning of July 2013 - represent a vote of confidence in the global economy?

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Gold Prices Could Still Fall Another 25%! Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Surely, the swift and severe plunge in gold represents a buying opportunity, right? I mean, it's not like the Fed finally stopped printing money, right? Wrong! As the old saying goes, "never try to catch a falling knife" and that's especially true in the case of gold. Below are 3 fundamental forces working against gold prices and, combined, they could ultimately push the precious metal down another 25% from here.

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8 Reasons Why Gold Crashed & Will Likely Continue to Decline

In my article of April 5th, posted here, I maintained that in the next year, and particularly for the next three to six months, a liquidation phase in the current cyclical bear market in gold would likely develop,,,[causing gold to] fall sharply. [Below are the 8 reasons I mentioned back then which still remain relevant today.]

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