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Soros’ $Billion Bearish Bet on U.S. Stocks Will Fail – Here’s Why

It’s a boom time for doomsayers according to the cover of Barron's and such paranoia-inducing prognostications are only going to get bolder, and more frequent, thanks to the fact that billionaire George Soros' hedge fund firm has increased its bearish bet on stocks – a put position on the S&P 500 Index – by a staggering 154% in the most recent quarter...accounting for 11.13% of his holdings...implying that the stock market is headed for a nasty fall. The efforts of the doom-and-gloom crowd to try and scare you stockless aren't going to succeed this time, though, and here's why.

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3 Reasons Gold Might Rally, and Might Not, & What to Do Right Now

The price action in gold and gold miners over the past six months has many investors turning their back on the precious metal. Gold fell below $1,600 last week to reach a six month low, prompting many to step back and wonder aloud if the precious metal's decade long bull market has officially come to an end. With the price of gold now back to where it was in July of 2011, it's time to decipher whether this is a buying opportunity, or time to head for the exits.

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George Soros: A Professional & Personal Profile (+2K Views)

While George Soros spent over 40 years managing funds at Soros Fund Management, racking up an incredible average annual return of 20%, he is arguably most known for the huge bets he made against the British pound in 1992. He felt that the European Exchange Rate Mechanism overvalued the pound and that the system was inherently unsustainable so he bet $10 billion on this view and reaped more than $2 billion in profits from his trades. [This article outlines his the life - both professional and personal - of this epitome of a hedge fund manager.] Words: 972

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