Monday , 4 March 2024

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We Are Heading Deeper and Deeper Into Fiscal Insanity! Here's Why

The definition of insanity is to continue doing something that goes wrong, without contemplating that there could be a different course of action...[and we] are heading deeper and deeper into insanity...we are just getting deeper and deeper into problems leaving our children and grandchildren with loans that could well take decades to finish (paying) off. I fear we are now stoking up the conditions, at some point in the future, for serious inflation.

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Why Interest Rates Will Explode Higher Starting Later in 2010

Financial pundits have been cheering the declining U.S. trade deficit, but they should be careful what they wish for. Once the U.S. is no longer running a huge trade deficit, then all those exporter nations will no longer have hundreds of billions of dollars floating around, looking for a home in Treasury bonds. Interest rates are about to start rising, and will continue rising for a generation Words: 782

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