Tuesday , 16 April 2024

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A Look At America’s Electric Vehicle Future

Car showroom

The U.S. is accelerating its transition to electric vehicles (EV) to address climate change...[and] in this infographic...we explore the country’s strategy to have vehicles, batteries, and key parts be made in the United States...[and] then, we look at how this strategy could be fueled by domestic mining and battery recycling.

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Now's the Time to Buy Quality Dividend Stocks – Consider These 11

The decrease in stock prices over the past weeks has many investors scared that the market is forecasting a dip in the economy. This panic has started to create an environment where enterprising dividend investors could start adding to their positions at cheaper prices. In fact, if stocks keep going lower this would create tremendous opportunities for enterprising dividend investors to scoop up some of the best dividend stocks in the world at fire sale prices. In this article I will explain why the market dip has created a perfect opportunity for dividend investors and specify 11 stocks worth considering. Words: 819

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