Tuesday , 23 July 2024

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Ignore Wall Street Cheerleaders: Market Technicals, Fundamentals & Other Info Says Otherwise! (+2K Views)

[In spite of what] the typical Wall Street cheerleaders, I mean strategists, are predicting, we see the equity market ever more closer to its cyclical top, miners about to retest a major bottom and hard assets with a new catalyst. [This article analyzes 9 pieces of information, complete with charts, that show what is actually going on in the marketplace at this point in time and what the short-term future holds.] Words: 930; Charts: 8

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Surprise! Limited Downside Risk Exists In S&P 500

A market is not built solely on fundamental realities, but how broadly those realities are expected by investors. So it goes without saying that it can be very insightful to compare market expectations to reality. When expectations are high there is the likelihood for disappointment. When expectations are low there is a potential for upside surprise. There is actually an index that measures the relationship between economic reality and crowd expectations. It is the Citigroup Economic Surprise Index (CESI). [Let's take a look at what it is saying these days.] Words: 773

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