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They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere! A Recap of the World’s Current Crises, Crashes & Catastrophes and Coming Collapse & Chaos (+2K Views)

So much has been written about what various authors refer to as the economic (in alphabetical order) abyss, apocalypse, Armageddon, avalanche, catastrophe, chaos, cliff, collapse, crisis, disaster, downturn, endgame, meltdown, pain, reality, risks, situation, train wreck, tsunami, turmoil that faces the nations of the world I thought a source article of what has been said about the situation would be of interest. Have a look.

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The Most Pressing Risks To The Global Economy Right Now Are…

The impact of sluggishness in the U.S. consumer base, U.S. fiscal policy changes, and the prospect of recession in the eurozone now rank in the top five slots on Fitch Ratings' map of the most important and urgent risks to global ratings. Read on to learn what the other 10 major risks are to the global economy.

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World Economic Forum:10 Risks Affecting the World Today

Economic imbalances and social inequality risk reversing the gains of globalization according to the findings of a survey of 469 experts and industry leaders, indicating a shift of concern from environmental risks to socioeconomic risks compared to a year ago. Respondents worry that further economic shocks and social upheaval could roll back the progress globalization has brought, and feel that the world’s institutions are ill-equipped to cope with today’s interconnected, rapidly evolving risks.

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