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Here’s What to Expect During the Next 6 Months

The market will continue to keep us all guessing - that’s what markets do best - but in this article I present 10 predictions for the remainder of 2015. Some are contrarian calls well outside of the mainstream but, as 2015 has trained us to expect the unexpected, I believe them to be the right calls.

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Monty Pelerin Cuts Through All The Economic Noise To Tell It Like It Really Is! (+2K Views)

I read many hundreds of articles every week looking for writers who have an in-depth understanding of our economy and who are not reticent to tell it like it is. Monty Pelerin (a pseudonym) does just that week after week, year after year. This post includes introductory paragraphs and links to 25 of his most enlightening and current articles. Take a look. There are bound to be several that will grab your interest.

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U.S. Economy In the 'Eye Of The Storm' – Here's Why

Optimism has seized stock markets in the past month on the back of better economic data in the United States and a late-summer lull in the euro crisis. Market volatility is at its lowest level in years. [That being said, however,] BofA's top economist Ethan Harris...thinks the U.S. economy is "in the eye of the storm" right now. Below is what Harris sees on the horizon. Words: 363

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