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Forget the Media Happy Talk: All is NOT as it Seems! (2K Views)

We are not convinced by the endless stream of happy talk that emanates from the mainstream media these days. Our view is less benign. From what we can see, the world is descending into a kind of controlled (or uncontrolled) Great Depression. It's taking time but the arc is clear. [Let us explain.] Words: 1750

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We Have Fallen Head First Into An Economic Abyss! Here's Why

While the [financial] events of the past few months have not been a surprise [to many I can just imagine how shocking they must be,] however, for those just waking up to the ongoing implosion of our fiscal infrastructure, the bubbling inflationary meltdown just over the horizon, the nightmare unfolding around our national debt... With gasoline nearing $5 a gallon, grain prices doubling, and shelf prices beginning to skyrocket, it’s hard for even the most ignorant suburban schlep to remain oblivious to the problem anymore. We are no longer on the edge of the abyss; we have fallen into it head first… [Let me explain.] Words: 2311

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Will This Be The USA in 2012?

The economic condition of the country continues to decline toward its rendezvous with an, as yet, unknowable catastrophe. Here is... a look (not a prediction) at a series of not improbable events that could develop [and which] would change our economic world overnight. Words: 1550

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