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Piling On Debt Has Destroyed the “American Dream” – Here’s Why

The American Dream--characterized by plentiful jobs offering living wages, security and opportunities to get ahead--is over....Piling on debt is not a solution; it's simply a politically expedient method to forestall the crisis, while guaranteeing the eventual repricing will be even more severe because the debt load is then so much larger. If you think otherwise, I strongly recommend that you reduce your dosage of Delusionol.

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These 5 Apocalyptic Engines Causing Hyperbolic Growth in US Money Supply

I recently wrote an article showing how US True Money Supply (TMS) appeared to be growing at a hyperbolic rate [see here], and that gold was also on a hyperbolic course...Hyperbolic growth in the quantity of money ends with hyperinflation... [and] both TMS and the dollar price of gold are pointing to a hyperinflationary outcome. This article explains why this might be so. Words: 764

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How Best to Invest Based on 3 Potential Economic Scenarios (+2K Views)

Inflation is the big ‘sword of Damocles´ hanging over our heads and the higher interest rates that may arrive with it over time. We believe that one of three scenarios is probable in the months and years ahead and in this article we provide a summary of these scenarios and give a brief glimpse into the respective investments/asset classes that we consider most suitable in each scenario. Words: 1331

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